Roy Tosh – ‘Rather Be Lost’ @RoyToshMusic

We got to speak with Christian HipHop Artist ROY TOSH. Roy is one of our favorite Christian Hip-hop Artist. We’ve discovered him in the past two years and have been playing catch up and discovering out favorite songs on repeat. 


Roy has been consistently putting out new singles for his fans, asking their thoughts on when he should release new music and trusting God in it all. We asked his vision with music and he said, “For me, it’s about being faithful to what I  believe God has called me to do. I  always push myself artistically and grow in my craft, but more importantly, releasing dope music that hopefully impacts the listener!” He revealed more music is definitely on the way! “


We asked his writing process whether he writes alone or whether he writes within a circle of friends and he said, “Definitely a circle of friends, I  think have consistent, Biblically center community is huge to stay grounded through all of life’s ups and downs. Without Godly community, I  wouldn’t be the man I  am today. I ’m always bouncing ideas off others from day to day life, or music!” 

We asked Roy what was his ultimate goal when it comes to your music and your ministry he said, “Ultimately, I  want people to come to know God’s love. I  was the worst of sinners and God loved on me at my lowest point. If I can give hope to somebody who feels hopeless or plant a seed which God would cause to grow, then it’s a win. My Mission is simple: to reach one more with the love of Christ.” 

We wanted to see how it feels performing and living out his dream with his family cheering him on. He’s got a GORGEOUS (Out of his league) wife and three BEAUTIFUL children! #TeamTosh He said, “To be honest there are a lot of ups and downs and a lot of hard work! I’m big on fighting to keep the main things the main things so again for me it’s about being faithful to God’s calling. Anytime we pursue what God has called us too there will be ups and downs along the way, but God is faithful! To have my families support means the world to me. My wife is so incredible and there’s no way I  could do what God called me to apart from her.” 

Often children don’t care what your ‘status’ is as a recording artist or who other people think you are, but they know for sure who mommy and daddy are. We asked Roy how his children react. Is he ‘just daddy’ or do they know what daddy’s job and ministry are he said, “My son actually loves coming into the studio and has even played some roles in recording and my music videos. Anytime I ’m in the studio my son somehow sneaks in!” Oh, the innocence of children I  have a feeling little Tosh will be picking up where daddy leaves off in the industry. ‘Out of the mouth of children’ just watch he’s watching the process and probably knows more than he’s letting on! 

Roy admits that his wife, pastor, and mentors are some of his biggest encouragers with his music. He said, “My music team Wes and Doc the owner of his label.”

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Made some timeless music this weekend with @westhewriter & @mleroy04! 👨‍🍳😎 || 📸 by @justderaj

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We love when artist shares their ‘I See You God’ moments. The moments when it seems like all the hard work has paid off. The moments when everything just ‘clicks’ and you have no other options, but to enjoy it and roll with it. When Roy released his single ‘Stronger’ Ft. V.Rose he had one of the most moments. “It was about almost losing my dad and so it was written from a real place of pain… I  never imagined all God would do through it. Honestly, I  knew I we had a great song, but I didn’t in a million years expect it to hit the billboards! I ’m beyond grateful.” 

We asked which verses or quotes that Roy uses during his rough days. He said, “There are tons of verses that I  use, but John 15 comes to mind. “Remembering His call for daily intimacy/ fellowship and realizing apart from Him we can do nothing. Then knowing He’s an ever-present help in times of trouble. (Ps. 46.1). He’s with us no matter what – He’s a faithful friend and Father!”

We asked Roy what he’d like fans to experience when they hear a new ‘Roy Tosh’ single? He said, “I hope they respect the art, that’s its quality and that I poured my heart into it. then, as I said earlier, I  hope they are impacted and pointed towards the love of Jesus!” 

Roy shared with us that THREE more music videos are dropping soon as well as FIVE More singles. He and his team are already gearing up for next year and we’re gearing up for the next release! 

If you haven’t heard of Roy Tosh or his music please do yourself a favor and check out some of OUR favorites and his newest single and video ‘Rather Be Lost’

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