Photographer Feature Amir Yazdanparast – @mr.amiryp

We’ve started a new branch with GIVEN we’d like to give props to an artist outside of music and entertainment. The quote ‘A picture tells a thousand words.’ Is true so we wanted to make sure photographers were apart of this new branch!


The first photographer we’d like to feature is Amir Yazdanparast from Toronto, Canada. Inspired by Mario Testino and Annie Leibovitz and armed with his trusty Canon camera, Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L II and his reflector. Amir is making his path within the photography industry.

We asked Amir to tell us about his most recent session and he said, “It was a combination of fashion, ballet, and architecture. We worked with a designer and a professional ballerina to combine the three worlds and create a piece that would capture the minds of the viewers. The team effort, memories, and the creative process behind the photograph.”

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Every artist has an ideal client especially within the creative field Amir said the ideal client that gives him the freedom to be creative and compose the shot. Photography for Amir is a moment of escape. “It allows me to create and capture the moment the way I want to see.”

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Je suis comme je suis With @ashkalyn @secondnatureboutique @jamestalberg @whereareyouvarvara @norracreative

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Amir admits that Everything inspires him. When he was about twelve years old his mother bought him a point and shoot camera. “I played with it for some time, but the quality was so bad it didn’t interest me. My cousin was into a photographer and he used to have a Canon PowerShot. When he bought a new DSLR, he gave his PoqweShot and that was when I got hooked. I started experimenting with different genres of photography from nature, street, photojournalism, travel, events and found my place in fashion and portrait photography.”

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As lost as Alice, as mad as the Hatter With @nelimabandeira

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For more from Amir visit his website

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