Standing Eight – Kazy Tauginas & Jase Harley

We got to speak to the front men behind the film Standing Eight.


Weeks before the fight of his life, light heavyweight boxer Dusty Abrams’ world comes crashing down after being diagnosed with Lupus and ultimately retiring from professional boxing. When Dusty finally accepts his condition, his former opponent, Quinn Durbin begins trolling him relentlessly. Dusty is then forced to choose between his health and his pride.

Kazy Tauginas has worn many hats he owned a 24-hour diner for five years, but it, unfortunately, failed in 2008. That forced him into making a decision about where his life was going. He decided it was time to pursue his dream of acting. “Since then it has been a non-stop grind, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

We asked his favorite project thus far and he said, “That’s tough as an actor, I’ve enjoyed every set that I’ve been on. Each film/TV show has taught me valuable lessons. From learning the dynamics of a well run Hollywood set to wearing multiple hats actor/writer/producer on indie film sets.” He also said that “ ‘Equalizer 2’ was a giant step for me. I was able to stand across from the legendary Denzel Washington, but also work with one of my favorite directors, Antoine Fuqua. To this day, I still can’t wrap my head around how ‘Lil ole me’ got my face into that film.”

Jase Harley
Jase Harley an artist, musician, and entrepreneur from New Jersey. Musically he’s garnered over 50 million streams independently owned platforms like Spotify, and Apple Music. He also owns a recording studio and co-working space called Fusion Factory in Hoboken, NJ and recently opened a second location in Holly called Fuzion, LA.

When he was a child he realized that music could be his form of self-expression. “I’ve always been into art and graphic design; I still sketch and paint from time to time. I see music as an extension of that same creativity.”

Standing Eight Screening in Hollywood

Kazy and Jase met through a mutual friend, Freddy Giorlando. Freddy and Kazy were in LA driving around and he played Jase’s first album, “American Heathen” and was blown away. “I kept envisioning his music in the film. Freddy introduced us and it was off to the races from there. Jase donated his music and his scoring talents – believing in the underlying message of the film. I’m grateful we were able to collaborate on it. “

Mt. Calvary: Life of an American Heathen (Director’s Cut) by Jase Harley

Kazy deeply respects Jase as an artist. And he’s a shining example of what it is to pave your way. “On the music end of things, he has definitely built his own playground and I find that so inspiring.”

Jase said that learning from Kazy and the Standing Eight team was amazing. “ Kazy is passionate and hard-working, but always manages to be fun and easy to work with. It’s been a since honor scoring Standing Eight, and more importantly, supporting the Lupus community.”

StandingEight POSTER

To learn more about Standing Eight or help raise awareness about Lupus visit

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