Author & Recording Artist ‘Del Lawrence’


We got to speak to former ‘Three Six Mafia’ Member Del Lawrence aka Mr. Del. He left the limelight after following God’s calling to reach people in a more purposeful manner. He said, “I appreciate the new calling I have and the journey God has taken me through to get here.”

He’s currently working on his 12th and final album as a solo artist entitled 20/20 which will be coming out December of next year. Until then we’ve heard amazing things about his book series ‘Soul Ties: How to Detox from Toxic Relationships’ and ‘Soul Ties II: Love, Lust & Lies.”

We asked him what lessons would he teach a young man who could be in your shoes conflicted with the lifestyle of hip-hop and the love of God. He said, “I would tell them to follow God and to obey Him fully, but they won’t go wrong after the will of God for their lives.”

Del is encouraged with the breakthroughs and progress. He said, “It’s Amazing, People all love the country are being healed, delivered and set free of toxic soul tiles. I’m building a following that I ’m still able to mentor to through my podcast as well.”

We asked him about the ‘Man cast’ series he said, “It’s a roundtable each month where I bring together men I know who will speak to issues about men and give wisdom and advice about life from not only a Christian perspective but a real men perspective. “

We asked which current issue is the biggest issue that people are dealing with and his answer was social media. “We live in a world where social media is causing us to lose our natural sense of communication. I would like to stress the importance of being your authentic self and not get caught up in what ‘people’ think about you. But only the people that matter in your life.”

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