Comedian Heather Hatton

50279647_10156342514154833_309723612271607808_oWe got the opportunity to speak with Comedian Heather Hatton. She recently became the first black comedian to chart #1 on the comedy iTunes Charts. Her motto is ‘Anytime you wake up on the other side of the dead is a good day.”  She’s currently working on several films as well as planning her next comedic tour. In July you’ll find her at the Alabama Music Awards. 

Heather recently went viral for defending Pastor John Gray from OWN Networks ‘The Book of John Gray’ as well as Author and Pastor of Relentless Church in Greenville, South Carolina. We asked why she jumped to the pastors defense so quickly and sternly she said, “I  hate the fact that people are so quick to judge, and that black people are the most discouraging. They act like they get an award admiring how hateful and judgmental you can be.” 

Her Comedic content developed  from her everyday life experiences. “I’m a people watcher where ever I am if I’m waiting I ’m looking around, and often see some of the most ridiculous stuff. Instantly I’ve got punchlines and stories in my head. It goes from there.” 

She’s been named the sexiest B*tch in Comedy. Though it’s been around a while we asked has it gotten old yet. She said, “Not really, it’s gotten me noticed by Glamour, Vogue and named the Prettiest Comedian in the World, which is first for any comedian, of any race, but means a lot more to be as I’m black. “

As for as aspiring comedians, She encourages them to cover the entire comedian spectrum, there’s more to just being on the stage. You have to fully commit to the craft and build on your skills, connections, and knock every given opportunity out of the park. 

She’s currently working on more video content for Janky Promoters and Natural Hair care.  Until then, you’ll find her at the gym and being creative. 

For more from Heather follow her on Instagram.

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