Recording Artist T-Kor from Queens, New York

We got to speak with Recording Artist T-Kor from Queens, New York. 

IMG_1857Drawing from his experiences, views, and feelings he’s created an entire vibe that started with his first album F.A.N.S. (Feel A N*gga Struggle). His music speaks to the hustlers and the go-getters in the industry. He’s making music for those who are trying to do better for themselves and their family. 

His next project ‘Less Lies More Truth will be dropping later this year and we’ve asked him how the campaign for that is going he said, “I’ve been doing a lot of shows lately along with club appearances for my new single ‘Gang Gang’ which is doing very well across platforms.”  He’s pushing hard for success wanting to work with and share the stage with artist like J. Cole, Meek Mill, the unfortunately late, but ALWAYS great Nipsey Hussle and Drake. “Those artists and more inspired me like Jay-z, 50 cent, Nipsey Hussle all have different styles and show different approaches to getting the job done musically and financially. I ’m in the final stages of wrapping up my project Less Lies More Truth’ and I  honestly feel like this is my best work yet.”


When it comes to his writing and recording style he honestly isn’t the type to put pen to paper. “I just go into the studio and listen to the beat and do what the music is telling me to do.”


 As times goes by in his career T-kor wants his fans to feel like they’re with him on the journey. “I  want them to know that I’ve been through what they’re going through and if not let me musically stimulate them to mentally take them away from the drama and stress they may be facing at that moment and just let them be free. I  owe them at least that.”

His advice for upcoming artist… “Keep grinding. DON’T STOP. DON’T QUIT. JUST. KEEP. GOING… You never want to be the guy with the ‘what if’ thought process. I  normally try to go to my old high school and talk to the young ones because I ’ve been there already and give them the game and even play some ball with them to let them know I ’m around and can pop up at any given time just to help out.” 

He wants to build a legacy like one of his heroes Nipsey Hussle. “I  just wanna go down as a great person, who made great music and touches many lives and change the course of some for the better.”

When he hears our catchphrase. “It’s a GIVEN,” he thinks of the encouraging words he hears from fans and supporters before his shows. It’s a GIVEN there’s going to be no slouching over here. Watch me work!!!” 

When his project comes out we’ll definitely share it with you.

For more from T-Kor Follow him on Instagram at @IAMTKor__

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