Recording Artist – Daniel Lamar


With roots in Louisiana as well as Mississippi recording artist Daniel Lamar is no stranger to the blended musical methods. His music though it’s not genre specific he blends pop, alternative as well as Hip-hop music to create unique vibes within his music. 

Growing up Daniel didn’t have a lot, but he had music. Inspired by artists such as Drake, Chris Brown, J. Cole and Tinashe Daniel chooses to put his real life into his music. He uses catchy hooks and then builds the lyrics around it. He often started writing using a simple chord progression on his guitar than goes into the studio and starts the recording process. He is a self-taught guitarist and was taught how to play the keyboard from his older sister. 

 He’s performed in various states in the southeast such as South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee as well as North Carolina. He’s placed top 5 in several competitions, but in August first, 2018 he won first places and won music rotation on the airways for a month in Greater-Greenville and Spartanburg, South Carolina. 


Daniel’s Unique vocal ability as well as his love for music is sure to push him to new levels within the industry. His first album will be dropping later this year. (2019) Daniel is eager to give a level of quality inspiration as well as encouragement with his music. 

We got to speak with Daniel Briefly and asked him a few questions:

What’s the difference between you and every other artist out there? 

I  believe my brand represents the belief of never giving up. I  chose to see every situation from a positive stand-point. To always believe in yourself no matter what and to work hard to achieve your goals. Ultimately never forgetting to have faith. 

What is your favorite song recording thus far? 

My favorite song so far would have to be an unreleased song of mine called ‘6am’ it’s more personal to me and it reflects everything I have dealt with in a nutshell. It’s also a direction in regards to my writing that I  plan to be more open and personal about my life. 

He plans to continue to be an inspiration through is music and show a consistently open and honest image. “I  want to be the guy that influences people’s lives positively. I want them to know that they’re not alone in their heartaches and struggles. I  want them to know that musically I ’m there to motivate and encourage them to have a good time. I  want to remind people that life is not all bad.”

He admits that he’s not perfect, but he has good intentions. He wants others to see his faith but doesn’t want the focus to be on religion. He wants the focus to be on the relationship that he has with God and the power he’s been given to inspire others. “No Matter what, don’t ever give up on life. Music isn’t a quick process. Most people who have reached fame have been working for years unnoticed for years. Music has to be a passion. Something you love to do even if you never get paid from it. Don’t lose your character nor your integrity seeking fame and fortune.”

When he thinks about ‘It’s a GIVEN’ he said, “I  think about how God gives us all a gifted talent that’s unique to us. Once we realize what that Gift is, It’s a GIVEN that it’s meant to be yours and no one can take that from you.”

For more from Daniel

Find him on instagram  and on facebook 

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