Women Crush Wednesday – Journalist Aubrey Jackson

We got to speak with Aubrey Jackson who’s a Journalist with CBS Tampa Bay, an HBCU Graduate and blooming fashionista with her blog So Southern Belle. 

You graduated from Claflin University what about their program got your attention? What were your second or third choices for educational purposes? 

I am the first in my family to graduate from an HBCU. Upon visiting the University and meeting the amazing professors I was drawn in by the sense of community that the University offered. I toured other places in South Carolina, like USC and Clemson, but felt a connection with Claflin the second I stepped on campus. 

You interned at GMA how was that experience? 

I remember getting the call that I got the Good Morning America internship, I was a junior in college and just overjoyed to have been selected out of thousands of other applicants. I truly believe my experience as an intern in New York helped solidify my decision to work as a Journalist. 

You moved to Davenport, IA as a featured reporter and fill-in host for a lifestyle show. How was that experience? 

Cold! Ha ha … weather aside I enjoyed my time working in Iowa. I learned a lot and It was my first time living and working in the Midwest.  As a feature reporter, I wore many hats from reporting my own stories to producing our half hour lifestyle show. 


You moved back to your hometown in 2016. What was your reason for the move? 

In news you’ll often see tv talent move states, when they’re presented with an opportunity to advance and that’s what happened for me. 

How was your experience working with WYFF4 and having to get up so EARLY each morning to deliver the news to your hometown? 

Early is right! I would go into work before 4am. Our morning team was small and close knit, we worked hard every day to put the best newscast on the air. Overtime your body get used to the early hours, it didn’t bother me much, plus I loved being able to help viewers start their day! 

Was it freeing returning home where you had such a large fan and support base? 

It was a huge blessing to live and work in my hometown. Nothing beats being surrounded by family and friends. The community support always made me smile, to know that people believe in you and genuinely appreciate you is a humbling feeling. Greenville will always be home.  

What made you decide to compete for Miss South Carolina?

I stepped out on faith when I decided to compete in the Miss South Carolina pageant. It was my first pageant experience.  I shared my pageant story on my Youtube channel and continue to get such positive feedback.  


Growing up I always admired women involved in the pageant system, but never knew if I could “fit” in their world. The year I decided to compete was a powerful year for me, I silenced self doubt, and decided to apply and give it my all on stage. 

What was preparation for the pageant like? 

A lot of my prep work came from online research. There’s so many great resources available from web articles to Youtube videos. But ultimately the judges want to know who you are, what makes you special, and how you can help others. 

If you could do it again would you do it differently? 

I wouldn’t change a thing. I had such a great experience and built confidence as a competitor. 

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 You love fashion and travel what are some of your favorite must have fashion items? What has been your favorite place to travel thus far? 

When it comes to fashion I love classics, like a simple little black dress, my go to skinny jeans, any type of item that can bring a look together! I acquired a love for travel early in life, because  my parents would traveled often while serving our country. To date I would say my favorite travel destinations are Cuba and the Bahamas. 

Stars like Kevin Hart and others have recently had their tweets and comments from the past come back to cause them trouble in the present. Have you ever had that worry? 

So much has changed, especially with social media and today’s new digital era. With that, means users and even celebrities have to keep in mind that their digital footprint can live forever. Its always a good idea to think before you post. 

What are you next goals career wise? 

I am now an anchor in Tampa Florida, the 11th largest TV news market in the country. I am so excited to serve in my new role. My goal is to continue growing my skills and be a resource for others on air and online. 

Tell us about your blog! 

When I’m not on air I contribute to my lifestyle blog called So Southern Belle. You can visit the site at www.SoSouthernBelle.com 

I started blogging a few years ago as a creative outlet and soon gained a following of readers who share similar interests. It’s a great way to connect others who support me personally and professionally. 

Who do you look to for guidance? 

My family and my faith keep me grounded and keep me on the right path. 

15.When you hear or see the phrase ‘It’s a GIVEN.’ What comes to mind? 

I think of something that’s “known” or “established” whether it’s a vibe or an emotion, when “its a GIVEN” its something that’s understood. 

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