New Year New You or New Year Renewed?

New Year New You or New Year Renewed?

Every year we see posts and status about “New Year, New Me” vowing to leave the past behind them, past failures, past relationships, and past habits. We always openly mocked them saying they won’t change. They’re still the same person.

We laugh as the gyms are flooded for a month or so because those who want to lose weight or change their bodies lose momentum and motivation to do so.

I’ve chosen to no longer mock or discourage others from attempting to make those changes. Those things aren’t any of my business for one, but I’ve chosen a path of encouragement rather than discouraging others.

9/12/11 could be seen as one of the greatest days in history. Yes, 9/11/11 was one of the hardest days in history the US was attacked, lives were lost, hearts were broken.

I remember being in our classroom and our parents rushing to pick us up from school and teachers were praying that the hit in New York was the only hit we’d face. I remember being a confused child wondering what would make someone feel like they should attack the “greatest” country in the world.

As I’ve grown older and learned more of politics I understand why they felt the need to do what they did. They wanted a change so they attacked in hopes that they’d prove a point. They didn’t win…

September 12, 2011 people despite their race, religion, sexual preference, and ideology brought American Flags and hung them high. Showing pride and support for our country and overwhelming support as we began sending our troops out to fight our enemies. Our allies from other countries also flew American flags in support.

For that time we were together, supporting each other and helping each other rebuild, refocus & renew ourselves.

Why can’t we do that in the new year? Support others as they renew and rebuild after what was a hard and trying year? Why can’t we refocus our energy into building our fellow brother or sister instead of tearing them down?

A friend of ours has vowed to take more time to lift other women up in the new year admitting that this past year was an intense struggle for her with anxiety and depression no one really knew of her struggle because online she was still funny, and comical. She reached out to friends, but some abandoned her instead of building her up so she’s wanting to fill the void for others that she felt for herself.

“Adjust your crown Sis! You’re not carrying your burdens alone!”

Another friend admitted that He felt more joy-giving kids amazing Christmases than he’s felt bringing some of the hardest and most popular artists into his hometown for parties, performances, and events. He realized blessing others was also the key to receiving blessings on his own. Joy, peace, prosperity all came to him when he gave to others.

He lifted others and was lifted himself.

How much better off would we be if we followed their footsteps? Vowing to build other up instead of tearing others down?

We’re smarter, stronger, and more successful together. Take the time to think about what we’ve said and enjoy 2019…


What are some of your goals for the year? What actions are you going to take? Share with us on social media.

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