Brande Pa’trice WORLD PREMIERE ‘Bucking Around The Christmas Tree’

We got to speak with hiphop recording artist Brande Pa’trice a recording artist from Memphis Tennessee. Inspired by artist such as Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, and Michael Jackson. 

From an early age Brande knew that she wanted to dedicate her life to both music and dance. At the age of four she started putting on shows in the backyard for family and friends. She learned quickly that she had a commanding presence on stage both at home and at school during special programs. By the time she entered high school, Brande expanded her talents by incorporating, vocal lessons, singing in choirs and training with others within her field.


 After expanding her majorette talent at Hamilton High School in Memphis, Tennessee, she worked her way up the industry ladder diligently yet quickly by enhancing the underground scene with her stage presence by incorporating her resume of dance choreography and singing capabilities. 

After graduating high school she auditioned for Texas Southern University Live and earned a business and majorette scholarship. Brande joined Texas Southern University “Ocean of Soul Marching Band”.  Finally she realized that college was not for her she drops out her freshman year and moved back to Memphis. She decided she wanted to give Houston a higher education another chance so she enrolled in Houston Community College. 


We asked her what sets her apart from everyone else she said, “Brande Pa’trice is not only a brand but a movement. People are not only involved in the music, bu in the way of live my movement has created. Brande Pa’trice itself is developed on a stellar performance and existence. I  create the music, the music composition, the visuals, the clothing and handle all business endeavors.” 

Her fan base called the ‘Bee’s’ range from children age 10 years old all the way up to 65. “Having such a wide fan base allows me to not only spread my creativity, but nor be confined to a certain demographic. I  get to sing and rap about everything from love to trap music.” 

Brande has done several live performances, but her favorite thus far is when she performed with a band at Super Bowl XXXVIII (38). She’s done several runaway performances as well such as ‘Blaze the Runway’. “I  had the best performance that night and I  bodied that event. It was my first performances after taking a two-year break. I  gave it everything I  had and more.” 

She dreams of a world tour and making a huge impact on the world. When it comes to sharing the spotlight her goals of artist and performers would be Yung Miami of the City Girls, MC Hammer, Michael Jackson (RIP) and Beyoncé.  

When it comes to her music she’s got a simple process which is writing the lyrics, recording both the music and the lyrics at the same time. 

Brande admits she’s had some ups and downs in her career. “As I  progress as an artist I’ve learned that I  need a team of people behind me and realized I can’t do it all on my own. Doing everything myself has hindered my greatest potential. Thankfully, all of that is changing rapidly.” 

Her recommendations for aspiring artist is ” Believe in yourself even when it’s dark and all you hear are ‘No’s’. Try not to fall into depression from the lack of not having what you think you deserve. You are great, and it’s only a matter of time before the world knows it.” 

Recently Brande performed at an event for Domestic Abuse Survivors, and she’s gearing up to prepare a Holiday food drive. She’ll be walking out within the city and feeding the homeless as she’s unfortunately been in their shoes. 

In 2016, She became homeless and had nothing but an iMac. Brande’s life took a told for the worse depression and sickness became apart of her story. After Walking the freeway and going to a homeless shelter, Brande decided to move back to Memphis. 


It’s. GIVEN. 

“I think of truth, and strength. It’s a GIVEN tells the undeniable truth of what it really means to be a person or thing that has a God-given skill or talent that no man can take away. It’s a GIVEN seals the stamp of perseverance and completeness. “ – Brande Pa’trice

For more from Brande visit her website

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