Woman Crush Wednesday NakeshiaRenee

This weeks woman crush Wednesday is a woman with many hats NakeshiaRenee. Photographer, Writer, Publicist and we see her as a part-time comedian.
Nakeshia is from Clemson, South Carolina (Go Tigers) Nakeshia is part of the reason we’re here today. She is a critical member of our team and helps in whatever capacity possible.

She’s a mother of three hilarious children who often give her great content for sharing stories on social media. She realized that it also played into her role as a photographer saying, “I realized that a lot of my clientele was laughing and sharing my ridiculous stories of my kids and their crazy antics and felt comfortable coming to me to photograph their children. Some said if you could deal with your crazy you can deal with mine!”
She’s the cover photographer for Upstate Parent Magazine based in Greenville, South Carolina and works closely with several upcoming models, however, her focus is on the family. Capturing memories and moments that often might get overlooked or forgotten about. She’s eager to get down on the children’s level and make the photo sessions fun for them using bribery like candy and play time at the park, or making silly faces and seeing how high they can jump. Parents love their images and children love the experience.


Nakeshia works part-time as a junior publicist with a New York-based PR Firm VanceNyCC.

“I started interning with the firm in college not really knowing what I wanted to do but I wanted to be in the entertainment and creative industry. I started doing the graphics, co-writing biographies, and creating all the artist and entertainers electronic press kits, video shorts for social media and we even collaborated and edited a music video recently showing our version of what we thought the video should be. We’ve also represented several small businesses and helped with their social media growth and outreach.”

When the project GIVEN. Was first created she was the one who wanted to bring the VOICE that we have to the forefront. She wanted to bring something positive into the entertainment industry because there’s so much negativity in the world already no need to add to it. She’s worked in magazine publication before and lost herself in trying to create click bait content something to catch people’s attention and get a bunch of shares, but that wasn’t who she was. She made it clear that it wasn’t a good direction to take and she was RIGHT.

We’re a team of faith believing members and we’ve all come together on the name GIVEN.

Because ‘To Whom much has been given much more shall be required.’ – Luke 12:48

We’re not a team of millionaires or even thousandaires, (Thank you Mr. Brown) but we’re a team with various talents pulling together to run a successful publication.

We’ve been GIVEN the opportunity to share our thoughts, our stories, your stories and what makes us happy. We are REQUIRED to stay true to ourselves and our audience to build up artist, creatives and those around us instead of tearing them down.


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Sweet Hugs, Kisses, Laughter & Silly Faces!

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