Recording Artist – MJae The Great


We got to speak to MJae the Great from Atlanta Georgia he prides himself on being a very dynamic and versatile artist. “My music consists of real-life situations over rhythmic beats. My style is one that everyone can listen and relate to.”

MJae is a self-funded and independent artist who doesn’t follow trends but focuses on setting his own wave. “ I do this by making music that I feel is relatable and listens are still able to vibe too. “

He’s just now breaking into the music scene but has already had several live performances and sold out shows. He’s performed at the Sweet Auburn Festival, Black Health Fair, A3X and more in Atlanta. His biggest performance to date was at A3C Atlanta where he performed at Aisle 5. “The performance at Aisle 5 has to be one of my favorites so far. It was my first sold-out show and my entire family was able to see me perform.”

Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 8.48.50 PM.png

In the future, He would love to share the stage with greats like Atlanta native, T.I., and New Orleans native Lil Wayne. “Lil Wayne is one of my favorite artists his lyricism and versatility set him apart from every other artist in my eyes. He has been able to push through adversity with his group breaking up, his lawsuit with Birdman and the longevity of his career.”

MJae working towards his first tour as well as expanding his creativity by having his music in movies and soundtracks, producing other artist projects and starting his own label to set the tone for the next generation of musicians.


He just dropped his new project called ‘FOCUS’ which was executive produced by Might MIzz and is available on all music platforms.

We asked Mjae about his writing process and we loved his answer “I don’t physically write my music. I listen to the beat to get a feel for it. Then I develop what type of song I want it to be and the flow of the song and jump straight into recording.” He admits that every song has a special place in his heart, but his singles ‘No Handouts’ and ‘Incredible’ are his favorites.

“No Handouts is the theme song for my life. I went out and made a way for myself without anyone reaching out and giving me anything. I worked hard and even when I was told “No” on multiple occasions I kept pushing.”

“Incredible is my favorite because it was my first big hit. It was the first song I recorded in a big studio and the first song that I recorded that was well received and the first song I performed.”

Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 8.39.32 PM

You can find MJae on social media @MJaeTG on Instagram, Facebook @MJaeTheGreat and twitter @MJae_Da_Great

For more information, of course, follow him on social media but also check out his website

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