Recording Artist CAMP ZEROO has dropped TWO albums within months of each other.

He’s still applying the pressure in the game for sure, but will this be enough? See, the first track of No Pressure II is the ‘intro’ where he admit he still hasn’t secured a deal. Could it be that they’re not offering enough money and perks? Could it be that he’s wanting to retain creative control? Could it be that he’s making more money being an independent artist? We’ll see. We know for sure he’s on track to finish the 4th quarter strong.



He’s setting up for an upcoming tour with the winner of his #RunItUpChallenge and consistently on Instagram spreading the wealth and love with his loyal fans and followers.

His lead single off his album ‘MOOOD’

Our favorite thing about Camp Zeroo is his creativity when it comes to his music videos. It shows not only his sense of humor, but loyalty to those who support him. Like in the video above he’s got his wife, business partners, and artist on his label along with the family dog. Celebrating his MOOOD.

He started a meme contest on instagram encouraging his followers to take screenshots of his video and make their BEST meme showcasing their humor right along with his and we have to admit that it’s been comical.


He’s also recently release a alternate version of his single ‘Run It Up’ Featuring Cole Beasley from the Dallas Cowboys.

Nothing but pure comedy gold, and good mood music from Camp Zeroo we already know he’s definitely not feeling the pressure, but he’s sure working like there’s a lot of it doing radio tours and meetings with labels and what looks like business investors from cost to coast. We saw him in Atlanta, New York, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami and more. He’s definitely making sure they know him from coast to coast.

IMG_4133 Truth be told this artist is definitely about his business. He’s also got movies, and films coming within the next year along with a book that’s currently out for adults only.

Be sure to check out his albums and follow him on social media @CampZeroo

What do you think about Camp Zeroo? Leave a comment below! oh & share because ya know that helps us grow!


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