WORLD PREMIERE ‘Strange Love’ by Bailee Paige


Pop recording artist BaiLee Paige realize her talent at a young age singing whatever came to her mind. Her parents admit they didn’t think anything of it she was just making a joyful noise. She was given her first solo at four years of age during the church’s Easter program. That’s when they discovered God had bigger plans for BaiLee.

BaiLee’s grandmother started challenging her to sing and memorizes songs within a timeline. Once finished she was able to perform it in front of the entire family both singing and dancing. At the age of six BaiLee was given the opportunity to perform at Johnny High’s Country Music Revue’s in Arlington, Texas. BaiLee had four weeks to learn two songs. At six years old BaiLee would come home from school and run straight into her closet to practice. Her closet was her quiet, peaceful place to work. Bailee landed a spot on the show in 2009 with her poise and confidence.

BaiLee continued to audition for more shows and quickly won the affection of the folks from Farr Best Theater, Grapevine Opry, and Texas Opry in Weatherford. They couldn’t believe the sound that was coming out of someone so young.


In 2010 They met Cliff Clements formerly of Frog Entertainment, but now ZEROO Entertainment LLC. Cliff was working on a project for the Dallas Mavericks at the time and asked if BaiLee’s father would be interested in being an extra. Her father took the opportunity to bring BaiLee to Cliff’s attention. BaiLee was soon in the recording studio recording a song for the Dallas Mavericks Memorial Takeover making her the youngest artist to be featured in a winning weekend.

BaiLee’s Accomplishments didn’t stop there. She was a 2011 & 2014 Citrus Bowl Halftime performer, 2015 Northwest Choir Participant, Main Street Live Performer, Dream Big Productions Grand Ol’ Opry Patio Performer, 2015 National High school Rodeo National Anthem performer, 2016 Walk2End ALZ Performer, 2015 & 2016 Tumbleweek Productions Opry performer,2017 House of Blue’s Open Mic Night performer, 2018 Ralston Valley High School Wrestling Senior Night National Performer and much more.

BaiLee will be releasing a 5 track EP later this year. BaiLee’s goal is to be an inspiring and positive influence within the music industry.




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