Mason Summit – ‘Thoughts and Prayers’

Mason Summit is a 21-year-old singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer born & raised in Santa Monica, California. Mason began writing at an early age and has developed a sound blending an eclectic group of influences such as Elliott Smith, The Beach Boys, Wilco & Elvis Costello. Since age 13, Mason has played around Los Angeles at legendary venues including The House of Blues, Hotel Café, Molly Malone’s, Genghis Cohen & more.


He can also be seen playing guitar for local indie favorites Jaw Talk, Irene Greene, & Kendra Calhoun, among others.

His musical style crosses genres for sure. “I try to combine them in my music. My records tend to be all over the map, from some jazz elements to 60s psychedelic and pop.”

Mason is considered a DIY artist, “I think that the fact I control many aspects of my music from engineering and producing to writing and performing and come out as very reflective of my individual personalities and tastes.”

We asked Mason what his factor thing about performing is he said, “Performing live has always been one of my favorite aspects of music-making, and I ’ve been doing it since I even wrote original material. I play a lot in LA and have recently branded out into Central and Northern California.”

He enjoys playing to audiences who have no idea who he is. He said, “It feels like there’s more at stake and I really have to win them over. To that end, I played a show in Morro Bay at a wine bar to a packed house of locals, and they really seemed to love my stuff.”

Mason’s musical aspirations are strong He said, “I want everything I release to be different from the last. My last album was an intimate, sparse, bedroom-type record, and the next will hopefully have more energy and dynamic range.”

Mason’s Single ‘Thoughts & Prayers” has been released TODAY. We wanted to know more about his writing process so of course, we asked. He said, “ My writing process is like taking a bunch of scrap pictures and words to make a collage. I tend to amass bits and pieces of songs – a couple lines or a chord progression – and put them together. Occasionally, it all comes out at once, but that’s rare.”

Thoughts & Prayers Cover.jpg

We asked him for some words to other aspiring artist and he admitted that he too is an aspiring artist so it’s tough to give advice, however, “Be patient, and put artistic success before commercial success.”

When we asked him about our catchphrase ‘It’s A GIVEN.’ He said,

“I think about taking things for granted and how many things we think are a given that really isn’t. I have a line in one of my old songs that says, “Everything’s a given ’til it’s taken back..”
He’d like to thank his supporters and we’d like to thank you for stopping by make sure you check out Mason’s single. ‘Thoughts & Prayers’


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