Lou ‘ Never Run’

What’s your name & where are you from?
My name is Lou and I was born in Paris. My dad is originally from North Africa and my mother is European, which I guess influences my music. I live in LA now.

Describe your musical stylings.
My music is definitely a blend of Soul & Pop.

What’s different about your brand versus everyone else out here?
I have a very strong visual world that I share on social media it’s very psychedelic and surrealist. I want my vision to make people dream. We all need to dream. I write all my songs and I have a very distinct vocal tone.

Tell us about your fan base?
I have fans all over the place. I would say that in the US, Mexico, and Brazil they are very active on social media showing love and support. Age wise it goes across the board because at the end of the day if you speak your truth, everyone can connect to you.

Have you done any live performances?
Yes, I have done several. All of them in LA but I plan to go to the East coast soon and possibly even abroad.

Describe your favorite so far.
My first show was a great learning experience I was simply singing and playing the piano. It was in a small bar but it doesn’t matter because the energy was special and I was putting myself out there in a new way.

Who would you love to share the stage with?
Tough one. I would love to sing with Florence + The Machine or Lady Gaga. Me and Jorja Smith would also be interesting.

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Describe where you want to be in the future musically.
This is a journey, a long and very exciting journey. I know that I will keep growing, learning, obsessively listening to music and creating because that is the only way to be an artist. I want my music to resonate deeply with people. All my songs come from a very honest and truthful place and I believe people can sense it.

What artist do you look up to currently?
Florence + The Machine. Jorja Smith. Tash Sultana. Lady Gaga. Anderson Paak. Wild Belle, Ama Lou

Can we expect any new music soon?
Yes! I am recording my first EP. It will be dropping early next year so stay tuned.

What’s your writing process for your music?
I usually start by writing words like a poem and there is often a melody that takes shape. I then go to the piano and try to shape the melody with the piano. What I write about has to feel real to me, I can’t just choose a random topic.

What’s your favorite song you’ve recorded so far?
On my upcoming EP, there is a song called “Perfect Queen” that is dedicated to my mother.


Does your fan base have a name?
Haha. No! Maybe we should call them the LouLous or the Lous. I need to find one now.

How do you want your relationship to be with your fans as you grow?
I want them to feel connected to me on a deeper level, I want my lyrics and music to resonate within them. I want them to feel loved and understood. I want to build a community of dreamers and lovers who feel like they have each other. I want positivity and love.
I want to grow with them, it’s like a friendship, you need your friends to stay true to who they are but they also need to grow with you.

How do you stay connected with fans? (Social Media)
I use Instagram a lot because I can bridge my musical universe with my visual one.

How has your career been musically so far?
It’s been exciting and very rewarding. I have only been doing this for a year in a half.

Do you have any advice for an aspiring artist?
Believe in yourself. It sounds cliché but there are going to be times when you feel useless or that no one cares and the only thing you will have is your inner voice motivating you.
Also, practice, practice, practice, and practice some more.

What is something positive you’ve done in the community lately?
I’ve given clothes to women shelters and signed up to volunteer at a homeless shelter.

How do you want your legacy to be remembered?
A soulful pop storyteller with leopard pants and crazy jackets who can sing her heart out.


What is something you think about when you hear the phrase ‘It’s A GIVEN.’?
It’s a given that when you dream, people will tell you that it’s impossible. It’s a given that you will have to make sacrifices. It’s a given that you will be scared. It’s a given that life is tough. It’s a given that the music has to be good. It’s a given that no one can work harder for you than yourself. It’s a given that the world will change if we fight for it.

Anything else you’d like to add? Any final words for your supporters?
Thank you so much for the interview opportunity. Love to all my supporters, you are the ones that make it possible.


Check out Lou’s music on Spotify .

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