‘No Gravity’ with Kid Phines


We spoke to alternative hip-hop artist Kid Phines who admits he was raised all over the 559 area code. “We moved around a lot, but I’m blessed for sure to be able to represent so many places.”

He created his own beats, with his piano and guitar mixing genres like Alternative Rock, R&B and hip-hop to create a unique sound. He arranged, wrote and developed his own sound and didn’t focus on what’s cool at the moment, but what he liked at the moment.

KP’s fanbase is growing as he grows. Musically he has worked with artist from Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Nevada. He has had five live performances and his biggest so far is opening up for Mike Sherm. He’s currently ow3king on his First EP which he hopes to release soon. His favorite show wasn’t a large crowd. “It was a great vibe within the crowd surrounded and encouraged by other local artist making it a really good night.”

He’d love to share the stage with Kanye West saying, “A Ranting Kanye would be awesome because the internet would go crazy.” He’s future musically is looking promising admitting he’d love to get to the place musically where he can quit his job and do music full time.

His single ‘No Gravity’ has been released on music platforms. When it comes to writing he said, “I just vibe out and usually either create a beat or find one I had already made and I ’m feeling and just start free-styling until I heard something that sticks with me.” His song ‘Want it All’ is one of his favorites so far. He said, “That song just has a crazy vibe. It’s visual for me and I feel like I ’m in a different place when I perform or vibe out to that track.”

KP wants to be able to create music that will help them escape to a place of their own when they listen to it. “I want fans to feel like when they see me they can feel comfortable to say what’s up like we know each other.” He said, “I want them to know I’m a person too and that my songs are relatable for a reason.” He wants to become a legend like Michael Jackson, He said, “He created a positive, loving movement that is being passed from generation to generation.”

His final thoughts:

“I just want to say that I appreciate all my fans, and want to thank everyone who has supported me so far. I ’m going to keep making my own beats and creating all my music to tray truly to the music. Share, share, share, so we can make it all together.”




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