Bridging the Gap with SMC – SeeMore Cash

image1-2We got to speak with recording artist SMC aka Seemore Cash from Minneapolis, Minnesota, but currently residing in Los Angeles, California.

SMC’s musical stylings are a mix of elegance and inner-city urban music. “ My flow and vocabulary are very much polished, however, there’s a grittiness to it.

SMC is very different from a lot of other artists. It reaches outside of music. He’s bridged a gap between auto design and music. “I plan to incorporate music, fashion, auto customization, and business consultation to the brand as well.” He’s able to reach fan base not only of those dealing with inner-city struggles, but also vehicle enthusiast.

He’s done over 150 live shows across North America with countless tours as well as car shows such as the Dub Auto Show. “My favorite performance thus far would have to be performing in Vancouver as well as LA. They give so much energy and enjoy watching me perform.”

Though he doesn’t look up to any other artist currently he can admit he respects those like Jay-Z, Fabulous, Lil Wayne, Drake, T.I., and Rick Ross with what they do, however, his own talent and poise is unmatched by any other. He’s Grammy nomination and winning hopefully at this time. He’d also like to work in artist development. “I’d like to help create opportunities for solid unsigned talent. It’s hard sometimes for an unsigned artist to have doors opened for them. I ’d like to be one of the ones leading the way towards this endeavor.”

He’s currently putting the finishing touches on his album ‘Reflections of De-Angelo’ with plans to release it right before the new year. He said, “This project will be a classic.” He admitted that his music is freestyle mostly his current mood or past life experiences. Two of his favorite singles are ‘Honestly and Whip it Up’ which are out now.

His fan base which is called the ‘Touchdown Gang’ has inspired a movement. “I wanted to give my fans a closer and more intimate look into my life so they can appreciate our similarities more. I want to be more open and honest about my current life experiences with my fans as my brand grows.”

When asked what advice he’d give other artists he said, “My advice for any artist is to stay relentless and thinking outside the box. Never let the industry or your peer project their fears on to you. Also, know who you are BEFORE getting involved in the industry. Keep your moral standard no matter the opportunity and you should be fine.”


SMC is elated to share his project with the world and give people the vintage feel again musically. “I would like to thank those who stayed down while I was transforming my music style and working on myself. I plan to see you while I ’m touring and the world in search of good energy and vibes.”

You can find him on his website: SMCWorld.Me

On instagram at @SMC_TDG
Twitter @SeeMoreCash
Facebook @Seemore Cash

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