Filthy Rockwell with his ‘Filthy Americans’

Coming from Eastside Detroit, Michigan multitalented artist Filthy Rockwell graced us with an interview. He not online writes, but he also produces as well. “I’m influenced by many genres so I went into my lair and created the griot aka storyline hip-hop. It’s the best way to describe it. Storytelling through music without words, more-so of a vibe. “

His brand ‘Filthy Americans’ is rooted in presenting history and preserving the culture that’s what sets him apart from others. “We don’t follow trends.” His fan base is amazing. He said, “My fan base is the sh*t a small militia of ‘Filthy Americans’ we’re growing and it’s the best feeling.”

filthy 2

Filthy started his own distribution company ‘Rockwell Distribution’ with goals to be one of the biggest platforms for Detroit artist to get their music heard and pushed globally. He always will continue to push his own albums of storyline hip-hop.

He’s fond of artist such as electric funk recording artist George Clinton from Parliament-Funkadelic.

His single ‘Rollin’ featuring Street Luan Juan, Blade Icewood, Payroll and G.T., and more Detroit hip-hop royalty. “It’s going to be a family affair all on one song. It’s going to be amazing.”

We asked about his writing process and he said, “It’s an ancient Chinese secret can’t reveal that one.” He can admit that his favorite project out right now is Big Sean’s Celebrity.


His career so far has been a dream come true. ‘I’ve met and worked with some of my heroes in music. I have respect and adoration from my peers and it has been phenomenal.”

We asked him to share some advice to an aspiring artist he said, “Stay original, study your craft and learn about who came before you and their contributions to the culture.”

For more on Filthy Rockwell and to become a Filthy American please visit

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