Introducing ‘CallMeJay’

NRP-42Growing up our families always have different nicknames for us outside of our given name and this next artist is no different. Recently we spoke with a recording artist who’s been known by several names. Trayvon, Bobbi Greene, and Jay Scholar. When it comes to meeting new people he’s often asked ‘What should we call you?’ He’d always say. “Call Me Jay!”


He was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina around family members who cherished the oldies like Bobbi Womack, Al Greene, Luther Vandross, Earth, Wind and Fire, Michael Jackson and more. “Listening to some of the greatest in the music industry has definitely made a huge impact on my career and musical styling. I like to consider my music ‘ High-Class Trap Music’ I’m not in the streets doing dirt, but I can relate to the young professional who still likes to get LIT on the weekends. I try to make music that greats a vibe.”

He says true to form with his music. “My Music is a real-life extension of myself. I utilize its platform to allow listeners to feel how I feel on any given day. “ He’s had some great performances at The Coop in Columbia and the Loft in Atlanta. He’s currently working hard in the studio with new music so performing isn’t his focus right now.
He looks up to artist like 2 Chainz and Big Sean as they put on amazing shows. “I like a lot of different artists. If they’re solid and they’re dope I’m with it!”

Since he told us he was in the studio working on new music we asked him what’s the writing process like for him. He said, “I get a nice relaxing atmosphere together for myself food, drinks, great beats and more together and sit down with my notepad.”

We asked what’s his favorite song he’s recorded so far he said, “Oh Man, I’ve got a ton of great songs in my value right now. I can’t wait to release those, but the song Motives off my project ‘F.I.S.H.’ would have to be my favorite that’s out right now.

He’s focusing on creating an authentic relationship with his fans. “I want them to really feel the need to comment and interact with me. If it wasn’t for them I will not be successful. I want them to help me grow. Tell their story so I can help them tell their story we’re going to be a movement TOGETHER.”

He admits that his career thus far has been CRAZY filled with lots of ups and downs, but he’s learned very clearly that consistency is best. He encourages others to be willing to be told ‘No’ and not give up.

“They can tell you know 1000 times, but one thing you can’t deny is that when God says YES there’s nothing anyone else can tell you. It’s going to happen.” IT’S-A GIVEN.


For more from Jay Scholar follow him on Instagram at @CallMeJay4Real 

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