i-WILL with his unique Sound from Houston to NY.

44543162_10157945749183761_8056572148589789184_nWe got to speak with Recording Artist i-Will from LeMarque, Texas.

His Unique brand of Soul Music caught our attention during a performance MondoNYC during Fashion Week. His quirky tone and unique vocals definitely set him apart from other artists. He reminds us of Luther Vandross using his music to confess the desires of his heart.

He’s performed live regularly in both New York and Houston, We’ve heard rumors that he’s looking to perform in Atlanta, Georgia, and surrounding areas as well. When we asked him about performing live he said, “There is no greater Feeling than performing live. My favorite location I’ve performed so far was the house of Blues in Houston, Texas.”


He plans to continue to tell his story musically without holding anything back. ‘My music is my story. It’s unique to me though others can possibly understand and relate to things I’ve dealt with and gone through it helps us connect a personal level. “

He looks to artist like Bruno Mars, Ella Mai, Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and Sam Cook for inspiration when it comes to how he moves career-wise. “I feel like the things I’ve gone through and the positions I’ve been in have put me in a great path for a successful career. I’ve spent some time going side to side in my music journey, but now I ’m moving forward stronger and better than ever!”
When it comes to Will’s music he admits that every song tells a story that ultimately comes together on his album. “They all equally share a sensitive yet great part to my story and journey.”

His fan base known as ‘Team i-WILL has grown, but still remained a deep, raw and intimate relationship between will and his fans. He makes a habit out of reaching out to young men and encouraging them. “I always share my story with them.’ Never Give up on you and know the race is not given to the swift, but the one who endures it to the very end!”

Against All Odds, He will never give up until he reaches his full potential and accomplishes all of his dreams.

His dreams will come true IT’S A GIVEN. It should be something you already know and understand. It’s bound to happen without question.

We asked if he had anything to say to his fans and supporters he said,


“Yes, I’d first and foremost like to thank Team i-WILL for rocking with me during shows, playing and streaming my music along with buying my singles I wouldn’t be here without you.

I’d like to thank my management team along with my press team for opening up opportunities to perform and make appearances from NY to Houston.”

His single ‘Dream Girl’ is currently available on CD Baby.

You can find him on social media under ‘@IWillSang

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