Welcome to Radio crush Wednesday where we speak with one of our favorite radio personalities. Often times they don’t get enough love in our opinions so we DEFINITELY want to make sure they get the recognition they deserve!

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A post shared by BARBIE T �CARTER (@iambarbiet) on We got the opportunity to talk to Barbie T from Spartanburg, SC. She’s the on air personalty with Hot 98.1 and a brand all in her own. 

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1. What’s your favorite thing about being on the radio?

Being able to amen people forget about their daily stress and lift their spirits before they begin their day. 

2. Do you do things in the community outside the radio? 

Of course! I love to volunteer within my community especially with kids, the less fortunate and churches. One of my biggest things right now is empowering other women.  I recently put together a free self-defense class to lift up women and remind them of their power and their value to those around them. Domestic violence is a real issue abusing someone verbally or physically is NOT love. 

3. What are your career aspirations outside of the radio? 

I  really would like to build a brand larger than life. I ’d love to open up several businesses as well as create my own non-profit. 

4. Where can w find you on a day off? 

More than likely you’ll find me with my friends or my co-workers goofying off and having an amazing time.

5. What are some of the weirdest things that have happened to you on air?

A kid called into the show to tell a dirty Knock Knock Joke. I  remember he told me to pull something out of my momma’s ass! I  was caught off guard at that moment all I could really do is laugh and hopefully get him off the phone before he could say anything worse! 


6. What’s something hilarious that has happened to you OFF air? 

Just the other day I  had a show shadow who was helping me hang up my streamers on the wall. I  stood up on a chair and when I tried to get down the straight went STRAIGHT into my ass and tossed me to the ground! 

I  don’t think the job shadow will ever forget that moment for sure! 

7. How do you react when you get noticed in public? 

If I’m being honest I  can admit that my anxiety goes THROUGH THE ROOF, but a take a deep breath put a smile on my face and give them a hug. We never know what someone’s going through and if getting a hug or a picture with them makes their day than it makes mine too. 

8. Have you ever faced any backlash from something you’ve said on the radio?

I  had a facebook war with listeners that were upset because I  called the people that said hateful comments about Beyonce’s performance at the CMT awards bigots. 

9. What’s the hardest thing to do when you’re no longer in work mode? 

Put down my phone. I’m always on social media getting the latest stories or content we can use on air. I  also enjoy searching for new makeup routines, and things related to the brand

I’d like to build. 

10. How do you feel about ‘Fake Friends’ only being around because you’re on the radio? 

It’s disappointing, but I honestly don’t pay them any attention. I’m slowly weeding them out. 

11.  What’s your relationship like with your co-workers? 

We are a lovingly dysfunctional family, I’M NOT JOKING. I love them, but they get on my nerves at times just like family. It’s awesome. 


12. Describe a typical night out with you and your friends. 

 Unfortunately, nights out with friends are rare, but we’d get dressed up and go out drinking. We end up twerking and being late then lots of random fun. 

13. What’s next for you entertainment wise? 

Hopefully, we’ll be expanding the Dex & Barbie T Morning Show. I  have plans for Early 2019 for my brand itself so be on the lookout for that! 

14. Who are your biggest supporters? 

My family! My mom and sister are some of the biggest supporters if I need them I know I  can count on them. My friends are always there for me for sure supporting and guiding me along the way. My LISTENERS. They tune in daily to whatever Dex and I  get into. 

15. Where do you see yourself with the next 3 years? 

Within the next 3 years, I ’d love to have the Barbie T brand LARGER THAN LIFE. Taking over major cities like Los Angeles and more! 

For more Barbie T follow her on Instagram at @IAmBarbieT to check her out on the radio tune into HOT98.1 every weekday morning from 6-10am! 


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