‘Gravity’ by Marcus Goodine

We’ve been huge fans of Marcus Goodine’s indie poetic flows for a while now. It started back in 2011 with Poetic Justice, but we know he’s been doing music way before then. He’s always been the artist to cut the bullsh*t and keep it real lyrically telling the truth through every circumstance in life.

The First Mixtape we heard was ‘Food for Thought’


Our favorite song off the Poetic Justice Mixtape was ‘Burn Em Up’. The entire mixtape is amazing, but that song has so much passion in it we become lifetime fans.


He took a break from music and we didn’t exactly know why, but when he released his new album a friend of ours brought it to our attention and said it was ‘a must listen’. We checked it out and indeed it’s evident he was going through A LOT.

His 6-year-old son Sam has autism which isn’t easy to deal with especially when you don’t understand it, but he admitted in his lyrics that he’s done everything in his power to educate himself and his family to help Sam live the best life possible. Along with that, it sounds like his wife was dealing with some mental issues and while he was trying to be the man and hold his family down financially she was slowly succumbing to some of the issues she was dealing with. He was unsure of how to help her, but when she walked away he felt hopeless realizing the wife he once loved had become one of his biggest enemies.

He’s now a single father and she’s moved on to another relationship and had a child. His family is his biggest supporter and music was therapy to him during the rough patch. He admits he isolated himself during his grieving process trying to become a man his son deserves to be around.

He bore his soul into this album and it’s. MUST listen, MUST stream MUST listen.


Follow him on social media on Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram We Definitely need to link up with him for a formal interview, but until then you have been GIVEN. GOOD VIBES.

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